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‘Women’s Rights in South Asia’ by Mohammed Subhan Hussain Sheikh


I’m Mohammed Subhan Hussain Sheikh, an early GRN member based in London. My current research and my work at the moment as a caseworker, centres on women’s rights in South Asia, looking how judicial decision making can improve through viewing cases of human rights abuse from a glocal to global lens. My research is not only based on the experiences of women in South Asia, but also how their experiences may relate to South Asian women in the UK. I have further explored two key human rights interests which I have developed through project-management: war crimes in Africa and human rights abuses in Indonesia. My experience as legal writer and researcher for 9 Bedford Row International Chambers has equipped me with the necessary skills in understanding the impact on victims who have suffered due to war, conflict and unjust imprisonment. I have published articles on global legal affairs and war crime cases presented before the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the International Criminal Court, and I am also assisting on a human rights project centred around the human rights abuses experienced by female labourers (‘tea pickers’) when working on plantations in Indonesia. Feel free to get in touch if you have similar research interests or are interested in collaborating!

This article was published outside of GRN Think Tank. The full text of the article can be found at the link above.

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