Migration and Poverty: An Indian Reality

Migration is a very delicate matter that needs to be addressed appropriately and has been a subject of intense debate in recent times. This paper tries to look at this phenomenon of migration in relation with poverty and education. Poverty is the outcome of mismanagement of human and natural resources. It can be considered as one of the major root-causes of migration. Inspite of various Constitutional provisions and a number of legislations enacted for the betterment of migrant population, the plight of the migrants and their children have not drastically been changed. The children of the migrant laborers are still being denied not only their right to education but also right to childhood and right to livelihood; the women are victims of all kinds of exploitations, harassments and humiliations. Unless or until we change the adopted pattern of development for years, in all spheres of national life and make all developments human centric, migration cannot be stopped and the prevailing pathetic condition of the migrants, their children and families continue to be present in different forms.