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Isreal’s Policies in relation to African Asylum Seekers

Since mid 2005, Israel has become a destination for thousands of Africans who are willing to take a long and risky journey to the country in order to escape the harsh realities of their own surroundings. However, Israel’s policies towards asylum seekers have been mostly exclusionary and at times contradictory in nature which has mainly aimed at controlling and limiting entrance to its territory. Israel also does not have a proper system in place to monitor this influx. Nonetheless, once as per the authorities, a critical threshold has been crossed, asylum seekers are seen as a threat which can no longer be allowed to enter the territory. Accommodating measures have also often been rejected by citing self-preservation considerations. But despite this, the Asylum crisis in Israel is only known to few and very little is written about the meaning and significance of these developments.

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This article was published outside of GRN Think Tank. The full text of the article can be found at the link above.

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