María Francisca Tapia Thenoux

Law graduate and Associate of Fundación Derecho y Defensa Animal (Chile). Experienced in Animal Law, having completed my undergraduate thesis in Animal Rights and Criminal Law, as well as my years of experience working in an Animal Rights Foundation. Teaching assistant of Criminal Law at Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Chile.

Cebuan Bliss

Cebuan is a PhD candidate at Radboud University, the Netherlands, within the Environmental Governance and Politics Group. Her interdisciplinary research explains the synergies and trade-offs between animal and biodiversity governance systems using an Integrative Governance framework. In particular, she is researching topics in conservation where there are conflicts between protecting the interests of individual animals and those of species: ‘Invasive Alien’ Species, non-subsistence hunting and species ‘management’, and rewilding. These topics relate to themes on non-human agency, multi/inter-species justice and transformative governance. Cebuan obtained an MSc in Global Environmental Governance from Vrije University, Amsterdam, and a BA in Politics from Durham University in the UK.

Yvonne Isaac-Kesseli

Yvonne Isaac-Kesseli is a Partner in a Strategy Consultancy and has conducted numerous Strategy and Transformation Projects in different industries. Passionate about animal welfare, biodiversity, climate and water with a strong track record in developing and implementing corporate sustainability strategies. She holds positions in Academia and the NPO sector, eg. as president of an Economists’ alumni Association or president of a biodiversity NGO. The world needs leaders who demonstrate cross-species solidarity, compassion and conscience. She is a firm advocate of animal welfare and is saddened by the horror we have been creating for our fellow species. Together we can enable fruitful partnerships and create impact, especially for the voiceless.

Anne Safiya Clay

Anne is a PhD candidate in Environmental Science and Public Policy at George Mason University in the United States. She is interested in the relationship between culture and the development of environmental ethics, especially with respect to the conservation and welfare of wild animals. Her PhD research focuses on a comparative study of zoos in the United States, South Korea, and France—specifically on how these institutions fit into the larger context of the 21 st century debate on modern zoos. She received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Biology and Society from Arizona State University. She has several publications, including a chapter on the development of the Seoul Zoo’s animal welfare management and conservation priorities in The Ark and Beyond, a book on the evolution of zoo and aquarium research.

Olga Koroleva

Olga F. Koroleva is a London-based artist–un-academic–forager–lecturer. She works with recorded and live media, photography, and writing exploring ways of non-exploitative cohabitation with multiple others on this planet. She is the founder of the international peer-group The Political Animal and the curator of Togetherness stories for healing (with) the Oceans. There are four major strands in her practice at the moment: a speculative multispecies storytelling project themed around care, a performance/video/scent narrative based on supernatural love story Le Gars (Tsvetaeva, 1924), a research project focused on the recognition of cetacean personhood, and an exploration of vegetal worlds and how plants can help visualise hidden disability via a decolonial mapping of plant propagation trajectories. She is a Film Practice Fellow at The Centre for Film and Ethics, Queen Mary University of London (2019-2022), a Virtual Artist in Residence at Global Research Network (2019-2020), and a recipient of Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Grant (2019-2021). You can read her recent interview in verdure engraved compiled by composer Jez Riley French where she shares how her childhood experiences have helped form her current practice.

Amy Wilson

Amy has over ten years of legal experience and prior to graduating as the first South African with an LL.M. Degree in Animal Law, she worked as a corporate lawyer at the largest law firm in Africa. Amy is co-founder and director of the first organisation dedicated to animal law in her country – Animal Law Reform South Africa. Amy is a trustee of the Humane Education Trust (HET), a director and co-founder of the Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organisations (CAAWO), and is the co-founder of Lawyers for Animal Protection in Africa (LAPA). Amy is currently working at UCLA School of Law in California as the Brooks Institute Animal Law and Policy Fellow, and prior to this position, she worked as the Legal Fellow of the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative and assisting with the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Pablo Serra-Palao

Pablo Serra-Palao is a Predoctoral Fellow at the University of Murcia, Spain. He has published several articles on animal law and environmental law issues, such as the crime of ecocide or the linkages between ecosystems’ vulnerability and ecological integrity. He is currently working on the legal relevance of future generations’ well-being, underpinning his work in future care ethics and a vulnerability-based approach. He holds an LL.M. in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Spain, and an LL.B and an LL.M. in Biolaw from the University of Murcia. He is also Associate Editor of Journal.

Carolina Fabara

Nancy Carolina Fabara Verdezoto-. lawyer of the Courts of Justice of the Republic of Ecuador by the University of the Americas. Specialist in Business Law from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. Currently studying in China her Master of Laws (LLM) with a focus on commercial and economic law at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She has a diploma in International Defense of Human Rights from the University of Zaragoza – Spain; a Diploma in Defense of Women’s Human Rights at Universidad Austral – Argentina. Her research area covers business law, international investment law in particular Chinese foreign investment law, and comparative law. Author in various legal journals in Latin America on issues of business law, gender equality, and entrepreneurship. Her area of interest is the internationalization of companies, as well as a digital business. Her career is committed to defending women and supporting women’s economic empowerment.

Lorna Cameron

I am a Senior Lecturer on the MA Interior Architecture & Design course at the University of Lincoln. I have a background in architecture and design practice, and have worked in the courts as a trainee lawyer.

Dr. Matilda Arvidsson

Matilda Arvidsson is a researcher in law and theory at the University of Gothenburg, where she teaches migration law, jurisprudence, and international law. Her expertise and research interests are interdisciplinary and include international humanitarian law, artificial intelligence (AI) and law, as well as the embodiment of law in its various forms. She holds a LLM in Jurisprudence, a LLD in International Law, as well as a BS in political science (Lund University).