Brandon is a PhD candidate and Academic Associate at York St John University in England. Within his institution, the research themes are centred around social and ecological justice, with recent attention drawn to nonhuman animals. Through this post, Brandon aims to increase the attention of nonhuman animals within the green criminology sphere, through a theoretically holistic approach, in the aspiration that this will concurrently create more critical citizens and advance policy change.

Brandon’s research experience was developed through earning a BA in Sociology and Criminology and an MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His goal is to see justice, fairness and equity spread across the world – across all living beings. To obtain this goal, Brandon believes that it is paramount to stand up and be an advocate for the voiceless; to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. For this reason, he is dedicated to bringing attention to the cause through both academia and activism, supporting and accelerating the ever building traction and momentum of harm-alleviating movements, such as the animal rights and environmental justice campaigns.