Olga F. Koroleva is a London-based artist–un-academic–forager–lecturer. She works with recorded and live media, photography, and writing exploring ways of non-exploitative cohabitation with multiple others on this planet. She is the founder of the international peer-group The Political Animal and the curator of Togetherness stories for healing (with) the Oceans.

There are four major strands in her practice at the moment: a speculative multispecies storytelling project themed around care, a performance/video/scent narrative based on supernatural love story Le Gars (Tsvetaeva, 1924), a research project focused on the recognition of cetacean personhood, and an exploration of vegetal worlds and how plants can help visualise hidden disability via a decolonial mapping of plant propagation trajectories.

She is a Film Practice Fellow at The Centre for Film and Ethics, Queen Mary University of London (2019-2022), a Virtual Artist in Residence at Global Research Network (2019-2020), and a recipient of Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Grant (2019-2021). You can read her recent interview in verdure engraved compiled by composer Jez Riley French where she shares how her childhood experiences have helped form her current practice.