Conversations on Animal Justice and
Animal Politics

Over the last decades there has been an animal turn in a variety of fields: from feminism, conservation and disability studies up to political philosophy, indigenous studies and law. The animal turn has put animals at the centre and recognised the fact that animals are members of our human-animal communities and societies. This kind of thinking does not only affect direct human-animal relationships and the very notion of society, but also questions how humans should treat nature and position ourselves in relation to nature. Earth and animals are not mere resources at our human disposal. We, all animals, have a claim to flourish as the kind of beings and communities we are on this planet.

In this conversation series, we will address interdisciplinary questions related to animality, race, gender, disability, colonialism, and animal agriculture. Our conversations will orbit around notions such as vulnerability, difference, dependency, and the nature of entanglements and caring relationships as well as other political questions such as: Are animals political agents? And if so, how can we reshape our democracies from the ground up? How can animals’ voices co-author zoodemocracies, participate in the polis and write the very notion of the good? Our aim is to open a critical space for new, more just and caring ideas to emerge through open-ended conversations with leading academics in the field of critical animal studies.

The Animal Justice and Animal Politics Conversation Series is hosted by the Global Research Network Think Tank, Programme on Animals & Biodiversity, and chaired by Pablo P. Castello, Junior Fellow of the Think Tank, PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, and former researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law.

Join us, participate, and be ready to explore and be surprised!