Our Programme

This Programme is dedicated to producing research-based policies that address current issues in the world of International Trade and Finance. We aim to work with stakeholders to answer pressing issues and to suggest recommendations to avert future problems in these fields. Through our multidisciplinary work, we collaborate with researchers, professionals, academics and policymakers to create innovative solutions and influence change. Among the different projects we will undertake this year, we will be working on: Cyber Security and Online Banking, Central Bank-backed Digital Currencies and Protecting Investors in Financial Crises

Programme Leads

Dr. Wael Saghir

Junior Fellow

Lead for GRN Think Tank Programme in International Trade & Finance

Wael is an International Consultant and a Visiting Lecturer at leading UK institutions. He is an expert in investment risks and protection, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and in international business and financial law. Wael is actively presenting his findings at international conferences and has published monographs and articles archived at the US Consumer Financial Bureau and the US Export Import Bank on international financial law and investment regulations. He is an Associate Editor at the ISLRev Journal and active member at international organisations including SLS, LCIA and ASA.