Our Programme

The focus of the Animals & Biodiversity programme is to provide meaningful insights on animal studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim of this programme is to highlight the connections between various issues concerning Animals and Biodiversity, bringing together diverse academic fields such as Animal Law, Environmental Law, Animal Ethics, and Animal Welfare Science.

We are committed to delivering updates on recent developments on Animals & Biodiversity through the publication of many resources, including working papers, recommended readings, blog posts, and other information on upcoming events and current initiatives, and by presenting interviews and workshops on topical issues such as the developing legal existence of animals, the phenomenon of animal labour, the potential tensions between human activities and animals’ interests, the impact of environmental crime on biodiversity, and the relationship between livestock farming, human-animal health and welfare, and climate change.

Both the Junior Fellows Marine Lercier and Eva Bernet Kempers are interested in addressing the interactions between Environmental Law, Animal Law, and Human Rights Law, and with their research, they wish to contribute to answering the global challenge of inter-species justice.

Programme Leads

Eva Bernet Kempers

Junior Fellow

Lead for GRN Think Tank Programme in Animals & Biodiversity

Eva Bernet Kempers (1993) studied anthropology, green criminology and international environmental law at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She conducted anthropological fieldwork in Guatemala and Peru, studying the impacts of mining in local communities. In 2019, she started her PhD-research at Antwerp University, focusing on the changing position of the animal in law from an interdisciplinary perspective. Her aim is to develop a legal principle of animal dignity.

Marine Lercier

Junior Fellow

Lead for GRN Think Tank Programme in Animals & Biodiversity

Ph.D. candidate and Research Staff in Training at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Specialized in International Public Law, Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law, Transitional Justice, EU Law, Animal Law, Animal Welfare, Horse Welfare, and Equine Law.

Dr Yoriko Otomo


Global Research Network

I am a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, a Research Associate at SOAS, Governor for the Network for International Law Students, member of the Global Animal Law Expert Group, and I am on the Board of Minding Animals International. I am a Series Editor for Anthem Press, on the editorial board of the Australian Feminist Law Journal, and an External Examiner for universities in the UK. I live in England with my beloved partner, three sons, three hens and two cats.​